Yanniv Frank

New York City based artistic creative.


Hey there!

Thanks for stopping by. My name is Yanniv, and I’m a New York based puppeteer, musician, actor, arts educator, and all around creator.

Starting at a very young age, my parents could see they had a performer on their hands. I would make them sit through shows I would create with my siblings (the Sound of Music/Annie mash-up was a crowd favorite) or with my stuffed animals. By the time I graduated High School, I had been in a total of 34 shows at school and in my local community theatre.

After high school, I studied theatre, music, dance, and visual art in Hunter College’s Macaulay Honors program. I graduated Summa Cum Laude with my degree in Performing and Visual Arts in May 2020.

In June 2021, I released my debut EP, Common Human Soul. My first full length album of original music, As I Am, came out in November 2022.

My most recent and most exciting puppetry experiences have been my time as a member of the cast of Sesame Street: The Musical Off-Broadway and the creation of my first original film Boyish Charms. I’ve trained in puppetry at Sesame Workshop, and am pursuing my MFA in Puppet Arts from University of Connecticut.


A singer/songwriter with a passion for spreading truth through music.


A performer committed to authentic storytelling whose skills range from tap dance to Linklater technique.


A Sesame Workshop trained puppeteer and puppet builder with experience in a variety of techniques.