Shrek The Musical

Let your freak flag fly with these hand made puppets in your production of Shrek the Musical

There is a rental request form at the bottom of this page. If you are renting more than one puppet for Shrek, combo rates are available.

Gingy Puppet

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Straight out of the oven, Gingy arrives with removable legs and “icing” strips to hold them in place (along with velcro!). His movable eyebrows can help any actor convey Gingy’s wide range of emotions to the audience.

There are two Gingy puppets available for rentals.

Gingy Rates:

1 week: $75

1 month: $250

Exploding Bluebird Puppet

IMG_4261This bluebird explodes at the sound of Fiona’s screech with the help of a funnel, feathers, and a motorized air pump (all included except feathers).

Bluebird Rates:

1 week: $125

1 month: $450

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